Equipment Options for Manufacturing Baked Goods

A local small bakery, a bread factory, an international manufacturer of several lines of baked goods, or a multi-grain cracker maker ill all need bakery equipment. Some will need one mixing system, an oven or two, and a cooling system, while others will need complete production lines, including slicing and packaging machinery. Suiting all the production needs of any type of bakery has been the goal of one company for almost sixty years. New Bakery Equipment, Used bakery Equipment, remanufactured equipment, and custom made equipment are all available.

New Bakery Equipment features the latest technology, energy-efficient operations, and automation capabilities to increase quality and productivity, while decreasing costs. Used equipment, sold “as is”, can save business owners money when a replacement is needed, or they want to expand capacity. “As is” means the equipment is sold exactly as it was received by the previous owner. There is no guarantee that it is in good working order, or even if all the parts are there. It is usually the least expensive way to get equipment, but it also presents the biggest risk. Another option that is cost-effective without the high risk, is re-conditioned, or rebuilt equipment. The equipment has been repaired and tested, so it is in good working order at the time of sale.


Yet another option for equipment that will save some money is remanufactured equipment. That means it has been stripped down to basic framework and components, and then rebuilt to specific configurations. This can be done according to the needs of a bakery or production facility. The advantage is that the machinery can be completed to work seamlessly with current operating systems. A piece of Donut Equipment, such as a cake donut depositor, for example, is needed to expand a current line of donuts. The bakery owner can have one remanufactured so that it can go directly on the already existing and working production line.

It can be difficult to decide upon which equipment will work best when making renovations, or expanding a facility. Consulting services are available to help bakery owners choose equipment. The facility or bakery can be assessed, and recommendations made for increasing efficiency, productivity, and automation. Designs and layouts can be suggested, mechanical and electrical engineering services are available, and Horizontal Mixers bakery automation services are also offered. Equipment can be provided, installed, and serviced and maintained. Training programs are also available for facility equipment operators, and in-house mechanics. Operators will be trained to safely use equipment, and clean it in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Mechanics will be trained on preventative maintenance and repairs of equipment.

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